The Start Of A New Journey

I’m typing this blog post from my flat in Bath that I’ve been renting for the last couple of years. A wave of emotion is going through my body. It’s not fear, it’s not excitement (even though I am), I can’t pinpoint exactly how i’m feeling but over the past week i’ve been getting used…

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Bills, Alignment & Financial Intelligence In Your Fitness Business

So here’s a picture of a bill that I got this morning from the HMRC. £23,868. My instant reaction was oh fuck. And then I remembered how far I’ve come in business and how grateful I need to be for this bill and it actually represents a very important shift in my life and one that…

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Final Chance For Me To Teach You Live In The UK How To Transform Your Life & Fitness Business

So guys, Thanks once again for all of the amazing support. I’m so very grateful! 🙂 Huge hugs from over here in Bath (soon to be San Diego!) This picture really represents a lot of hard work, not just getting the VISA itself, but also getting into the position to be able to apply for…

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Canadian Couple Scamming Personal Trainers Asking You To Process Credit Card Payments

It’s about an hour since my VIP coaching call finished with my clients and it was brought to my attention that the industry is being scammed by a couple claiming to want your personal training services. I’m actually shocked at how many trainers have already spoken up and claimed this has already happened to their…

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12 Things To Do When You’re Stuck In A Rut

For Anyone Stuck In A Rut When times are hard, here’s my genuine advice on what’s helped me…. Budget or no budget… Step away from your normal environment, new surroundings bring new perspectives. Read some that inspiring or watch something that motivational but act in the moment of the high, don’t wait to go back…

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