Who I Love to Work With & Why You Could Be the Perfect Fit for VIP Fitness Business Mentorship…


This was fun for me, teaching six-figure strategies to my platinum clients in Thailand

I really enjoy my life, I work very hard and I’m fortunate enough to travel the world, experience some things that few will not, work with the best in the world and that’s exactly the same experience I want my clients to have.

I’ve gone from having very little to a lot very quickly and so for those who wish to take a dramatic business journey there is a fantastic path ahead.

But, it means you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone, take responsibility, be coachable and, most of all really, be prepared to take a huge amount of imperfect action.

I’ve found there’s a big difference between those that they say they ‘want it’ but in reality they’re happy where they are but really just get frustrated with other people reaching their dreams.

If you’re very aspirational and are serious about taking yourself to six-figures as a personal trainer, coach, nutrition expert, studio / facility owner then we may be a very good fit to work together.

What you won’t find me doing is working with thousands of people at once and just trying to get the ‘numbers’ in the door. My mentorship is very exclusive and VIP, but because of that I pride myself on getting very rapid transformations. I want to work with the right people and who are a pleasure to work with.

I’m not interested in increasing your income in six months or a year, I want to be doing that in weeks. When you follow systems and strategies that work instead of theory, that’s when you can grow quicker and faster than you ever imagined.

My Focus on Mind-set & Growing Your Business Confidence…

fitness-business-marketing-evenNowadays as well as the sales and marketing I’m very heavily focused on mind-set. Having a friend and mentor like Tony Robbins has taught me a huge amount about how our brains control most of our happiness in our lives and, if you’re struggling with your business, I can guarantee it’s a lot to do with fear, self-doubt and negative thought patterns as well as the business skills. They really do go hand in hand.

So I love getting my clients in the right headspace. It’s something that I’ve wired into myself and once you ‘get it’ will really transform your life and also that of your clients, as you grow. I’ve found that many trainers may be confident on the gym floor, but when it comes to the business and other areas, they’re still struggling. It’s time to finally make you happy in all areas of your life!

Are These Some of Your Challenges?

  • Lacking in confidence?
  • Find you're struggling with time & getting everything done?
  • Unsure of where to invest your money to grow?
  • Not sure on how to increase your prices?
  • Find it hard to sell yourself?
  • Lack focus and drive?
  • Unsure on how to get organised?
  • Lack motivation and drive and are burned out
  • Rubbish asking for money?
  • Feel lost and overwhelmed?
  • Wondering how to earn the 'big money' without putting in more hours?
  • Love what you do but you don't feel you're paid what you're worth?
  • You really want to help people but you're not reaching your audience?
  • You need to improve your marketing and improve your advertising skills?
  • You want to train clients both on and offline but for a much higher price?
  • Want more 'perfect fit' clients that are committed?
  • You desire to do 'what you want, when you want'.
  • Need a confidence boost.
  • Need guidance with online marketing?

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The following statements are mostly true for you…

If I’m going to take on a new client, they have to be willing to ‘get the work done’. I’m big on ‘hustling’ and just making things happen. So I’ve set some criteria about who is the perfect client to work with me. If this sounds like you, we could be the perfect fit!


  • You are in business full time or looking to work full time soon.
  • You understand that getting out of your comfort zone is a part of success.
  • You can make key decisions on your own without having to consult others.
  • You love what you do and are focused on delivering a great service to your clients / customers.
  • You understand that marketing is critical in order to your business success.
  • You are willing to learn new skills in order to move your business forward.
  • You learn from your mistakes and bounce back when things don’t go quite right.
  • You understand that you need to invest in order to bring money back into your business.
  • You understand that your mind-set plays a huge role in your success and spend time working on feeding your mind with positive material.
  • You do not blame others for failures in your business, you take responsibility.
  • You want to make a difference in people’s lives and get a buzz from making people smile.
  • You can take instructions and act on them quickly without getting distracted by shiny objects and stay focused in order to move your business forward.

This is what can happen once you start mentorship…

What to do Next

If you’re SERIOUS about making a big change, are willing to take risks, push yourself and are just pretty ‘cool’ to work with then please click the link below to apply for your free strategy session. This could be an incredible, powerful year for not just your business but your entire lifestyle.