The Start Of A New Journey

I’m typing this blog post from my flat in Bath that I’ve been renting for the last couple of years.

A wave of emotion is going through my body.

It’s not fear, it’s not excitement (even though I am), I can’t pinpoint exactly how i’m feeling but over the past week i’ve been getting used to them.

I know I’m on a verge of another breakthrough (i’ve had a lot of them over the past few years).

Just over 12 months ago I was sat at a hotel on the outskirts of Cardiff and made a decision that would lead me to today. That decision was to take my dream of moving to San Diego, California and make it a reality.

People ask me why I’ve decided to move there.

For one it’s one of the most amazing places i’ve been to, i’m especially drawn to the beaches and the large group of entrepreneurs that i’ve met there.

Also, while Bath is a really nice place to live, i feel like i’ve outgrown it, just the same as the UK. I know, from my gut that it’s time to move on, start a new chapter, a new journey that will push me and help me grow to my true potential.

Has that meant leaving friends and family behind? Yes.

Has that meant making some sacrifices? Yes

Has it meant going through a lot of struggles obtaining the VISA. Yes.

But I made that decision and I was going to follow through, no matter what until the dream became a reality.

Today I go up to London and tomorrow I fly out. On that journey from Heathrow to San Diego I will write specific plans for the next 12 months to 5 years and then make mini goals within each of the big projects that I will execute and bring to life, to help change the lives of personal trainers around the world as well as start to share my story through my ‘Change’ book, events and brand.

No matter where you are now, as long as you take that dream and turn it into a decision, you can start to find out specifically what needs to happen to reach it. Without it, it’s left as open-ended and ‘one day’, but rarely does that day come for many.

My message to anyone reading this who really wants to reach their true potential is to let your inner voice guide you.

What decision would you make without fear?

What powerful action is your next power move?

What story are you holding onto that you need to drop?

Why are you here and who do you want to help?

Who’s life are you living? Your own or one that someone else told you, you need to have.

Make a powerful stand, take yourself away to a place where you can be at one with the earth and decide what you want to do to create the life that you want.

If you want it enough, there’s always a way, and you’ll get there.

Just never Stop.


PS. For the length of the flight from London to San Diego (11 hours only), i’ll be offering something very special. Be sure to follow me over at for that. 🙂

Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell

He's hung out in a hot tub with Richard Branson on his private island and watched west end shows with Tony Robbins, Simon Lovell helps fitness professionals double, triple their businesses in 30 days or less using powerful systems and strategies whether you're working in a gym, work in a studio or want to go 100% online. Check out his amazing testimonials.
Simon Lovell
Simon Lovell
Simon Lovell

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